Paradigm Found is a free-to-play, browser-based game that masterfully combines the social elements of MMORPGs and crafting within the post-apocalyptic metaverse of 'The Paradigm Lost'. At its core, the game excels in interactive storytelling, seamlessly blending art, narrative, and strategy to provide an immersive experience. Reminiscent of a choose-your-own-adventure storybook, it transforms into almost an interactive board game, enriched with strategic depth and economic complexity.

As players navigate this universe, they are presented with numerous opportunities for crafting, strategizing, and making pivotal decisions. Each choice plays a significant role in shaping their unique journey through the game.

The World of The Paradigm Lost

The Paradigm Lost introduced us to a world teetering on the brink of existential crisis, where human consciousness and artificial intelligence merge to form a symbiotic existence. Within this digital refuge, CyberBrokers strived to uphold the delicate balance between order and chaos. However, in the wake of a system-wide update, Drifters find themselves severed from their digital haven, casting them out.

Overview of "Paradigm Found"

In this digital realm, players can assume the role of various characters ranging from digital ghosts, known as Zeros, to fully realized entities representing their CyberBrokers NFTs. Craft a unique journey tailored to your play style, whether you favor the casual involvement of a free-to-play player or the deeply engaged experiences offered through in-game purchases. Navigate through an intricately designed digital landscape where your choices simmer with repercussions that not only define your fate but also shape the future of The Paradigm itself.

Rebuilding The Paradigm

The tides have shifted, and the mission is clear: your primary goal is to reclaim what was taken from Drifters – access to The Paradigm. Guided by the enigmatic Dreamweaver, you and your fellow players must undertake a daring endeavor – to traverse the perilous void of the Dreadgate. In its shadowy depths lies the Stuff of Nightmares, provided by the Keeper, a substance crucial to concealing your avatar's signature from the all-seeing eyes of The Paradigm's security protocols.

Under the tutelage of the wily Rusty "Red" Balderdash, your skills will be put to the ultimate test as you unlock archaic codes and meld ancient technology with the newly discovered artifact. This merger promises to carve a clandestine path back into The Paradigm. Success is not guaranteed, and the journey will be fraught with peril, but the promise of reuniting with the digital promised land is a chance worth any risk. Are you ready to accept the challenge and ensure your return to the intricately woven digital cosmos of The Paradigm Found? The adventure begins here, but where it leads, only time —and your actions— will tell.

Paradigm Lost

The company behind the Paradigm Found game. Paradigm Lost is an entertainment company at the forefront of digital innovation. We specialize in crafting interactive virtual & gaming experiences. Instead of traditional storytelling, our creations immerse users in expansive universes and mesmerizing art where they play an active role. Visit to learn more about us.

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